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Hi, I’m Mari, welcome to my site.

I live my life intuitively and I use my intuitive talents to help, guide and inspire others.

I teach trust, trust in the divine design that exists in our lives, and trust and belief in our own unique talents and abilities.  

You contribute

We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents, and believe in who we really are.  

We create our own realities, we evolve through what we experience and we are often more adaptable, more resilient than we realise.  We are all in a constant cycle of change, re-inventing ourselves through each experience, this is what it is to be alive.  Life is an unfolding adventure that can take you anywhere you can imagine, join me in exploring…

In your life you are adaptable, you are innovative, and you can be your own inspiration.  You too can witness your creative individuality in recognising your true and unique potential.

Be inspired by what you do. 


Creating your destiny

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Be you

The art to just being, being able to enjoy what you’ve accomplished after you’ve climaxed, after you’ve worked through the challenges you faced, after all the drama’s, after all the tantrums, after all the chaos change created.  You are now where you wanted to be and now you can just be, but can you?  Can you sit in your boringness when life slows to a pace where it feels like nothing is happening, can you settle into a rhythm in where nothing much happens, can you just be with yourself?   

Magic in life

There is magic in this life, you are the magic and you will get what you want through what you do, through the energy you put into what you desires, the way you walk your talk.  How you communicate your desires determines what happens, this takes commitment and belief, you have to believe in what is possible and commit to doing what is required to live the life you want to live. You are the star and you have to play the part.  

Make this

Life is full of defining moments, sometimes we are aware this moment will change our life and other times we are not so attuned to our participation, sometimes it is a moment that evolves into something far greater that what we anticipated.  Defining moments are the moments in time where a decision, a situation, an occurrence or event alters the direction our life takes and defines who we become.

holding space

To hold space, being present in what you are experiencing, to sit with yourself and be there in this moment with all you feel and allow yourself to feel all you feel, will support you.  To hold space with someone else is just being there, being present in this moment they are experiencing and allowing them to feel what they feel, allowing them to just be in this moment, supports them.  Sitting with yourself or with someone else, without judgment, without prejudice, without assumption, simply giving yourself space to feel what you feel in the moment you are experiencing, or giving them the space to feel what they are feeling in the moment they are experiencing, is supportive.  

Creatively flowing...

We are influential, we are powerful and we create with every decision we make, everything we do has an impact.  We are energetic beings, when we focus our energy and allow ourselves to creatively flow, life seems to flow through us and magic happens.  Life does flow through us, our vibe is how we communicate in our world, we radiate a vibe and this energy is attracts what happens in our world, we are that powerful and we are that creative.   

Be encouraging

We all need encouragement no matter how confident we seem to be, or how much we believe in what we are doing, encouragement is important.  The benefits of encouragement give us vitality and create a sense of excitement, encouragement is healthy and uplifting, and can make a world of difference in our life and the life of others.  The importance of encouragement in our adult life is often overlooked, there is often an expectation that we no longer need it and it’s benefits are underestimated.  

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Below is the story of how my Intuitive journey began…..

My Awakening…  When I realised I was intuitively gifted and how my natural way of being wasn’t so natural to everyone, I wanted to explore this to understand myself more and to understand how living my life so naturally intuitively has helped me navigate my way through what life has presented me with.  I wanted to understand this natural guidance system I had accessed all my life and so began my quest for greater knowledge, my seeking, my calling and my awakening…

This was in a time before the internet, before Google, when books were the way we researched.  I began exploring beliefs, my beliefs, what others believed.  I had always been interested in mysteries but this was a quest, a hunger had arisen inside of me, a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for understanding.  Something had shifted within me. This was my world, this world of intuitive knowing, this world of subtle messages and signs, this was where I belonged, so I observed, pondered and trusted where it was leading me.   

I sought out bookshops that sold everything esoteric, metaphysical, mystical and philosophical.  I would spend hours in these wonderful spaces absorbing the atmosphere, shyly perusing the aisles. The books seemed to jump out at me, sometimes it was their covers, or where they were positioned on the shelf, or simply that my hand would gravitate towards them.  So I would buy them, feeling I had to own them, rather than borrow them from a library, so I could keep them, treasure them and revisit them. I was collecting stories, as well as collecting the knowledge they contained.  I read them, and re-read them, each time getting something else from their pages, sometimes words, sometimes phrases and sometimes it would just be a paragraph that jumped out at me, drawing me into their world so my world would expand. 

Music too, was part of this journey, I had been surrounded by music all my life, but it was the lyrics that spoke to me, they gave me a sense of connection. 

When I read books about spiritual journeys and inner experiences, they resonated with me, I felt I was walking beside each character and that I was a part of their journey. I was reconnecting and remembering. There were people out there who were just like me, who trusted their instincts, who allowed themselves to live intuitively, who saw life as an unfolding adventure.  I started having wonderful philosophical conversations with like-minded friends and played around with giving readings.  Soon all my conversations were deep and often predictive. This is what I wanted to do, so one fateful day, I walked into a New Age Bookshop and offered myself as an Intuitive Reader.  Two weeks later I had my first gig.  I loved my days at the Bookshop surrounded by all those books, and the people they attracted.  My world evolved into travelling around Australia doing different gigs, while keeping my spot at the Bookshop when I wasn’t on the road. 

And then something even more magical happened, another awakening was taking place with the arrival of my son, and my days on the road ended as our new life began.   Our journey together continues and he has grown into a wonderfully creative young man who’s autistic view on the world inspires daily.   I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Now I am beginning a new chapter in this life with the launch of this website, I have been drawn to sharing my gifts with you and in sharing this story, I hope you will be inspired to seek, to question, and to awaken this curiosity for the life that exists within you. 

As this project evolves and the journey continues, we will all evolve together and you too can be inspired by your life you are creating…

Love your life and life will love you back… 


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