Month: March 2020

Know and Trust Yourself

As we navigate our course through this pause of  self isolation and social distancing,  choose to embrace the opportunity it gives us. This can give us time to reflect on what matters  and what we value in our lives. This can give us time to reacquaint ourselves with what we like to do,  what we enjoy …

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Don’t settle into Fear

As life unfolds, choose to embrace each experience with a sense of wonder, even the most challenging of times, can bring unexpected delights.   In times of uncertainty our faith in our resilience may be challenged, our faith in our beliefs may be challenged.  Our faith in each other may be confronted as well.   …

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Intuition, Awakening, Awareness, Consciousness, Empowerment, Oracle, Readings, Mindfulness, Instinctual, Intellectual, Individuality

Be true to you

You’ve got this, you are a living part of your life, believe in yourself, and let your experiences evolve you into who you are becoming.   This is what you have chosen to experience here in this reality and you are equipped with the skills to transcend what you are experiencing.  Where you find yourself …

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Intuition, Awakening, Empowerment, Consciousness, Mindfulness, Oracle, Readings, Design, Individuality, Instinctual, Intellectual

Stories we tell ourselves

What story are you telling your self? The story we tell our self determines what’s transpiring in your life.   You can support yourself through honouring what you believe about yourself, make your self belief based on your best possible self, your best possible outcome.  If you are transitioning, make your self talk is kind, so you treat your …

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