Month: June 2020

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Witness the empowerment

Witness the empowerment that comes from believing in yourself.   When you stand up for what you believe, you empower your beliefs. When you empower your beliefs, you empower your truth.  When you empower your truth, you empower your values. When you empower your values, you empower who you are. When you empower who you …

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Trust your Truth

It’s time to believe in yourself.  It’s time to trust yourself.  It’s time to trust your truth. With so much information out there, and so many different points of view, it can be difficult to hear your own thoughts.  It’s time to trust your truth. You are being reminded of what is important to you.  …

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Honouring Your Process

We are uniquely individual, and just as we are uniquely individual, we all have our unique way of moving through life.   Honouring the unique way in which we move through life, is honouring our own individual processes.   Being unique in how we experience life, each experience is unique for each of us.   …

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Lets talk about Talents

Now that we are trusting our Intuition, Cleansing our Past, Visualising our Future, Finding our Path, Consciously Shifting, Letting go of Limitations and Carrying ourself with Confidence, let’s talk about talents.      We are all so talented, we all have unique talents which shape how we interact in life.  It is our talent we …

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