Allowing your life to flow…

Allowing your life to flow is allowing all that your life is presenting you with, allowing what your life is showing you.  

It’s easy to allow what’s happening when things just seem to fall into place, when you feel in the flow, when feel aligned to where you are at.  You believe in yourself and trust what is transpiring.  

But what about when you feel resistance to what is happening, when you question what is going on?  Remember you are exactly where you are meant to be, and what is happening needs to happen, so you can experience what you came here to experience.  Everything we experience we evolve through, and we have come here to this realm of the living, to evolve.  

If you start to question where you are heading, if you start to question the direction you life is taking, you may begin to wonder if what you believed is real and start to doubt yourself.  You may lose faith in yourself, in your wisdom, in the wisdom of what is transpiring.  Remember what you are experiencing you have chosen to experience, and trust this experience.  When you act from doubt, you attract doubtful outcomes, when you trust where you are at, you allow your life to flow where this experience leads you.  This experience is giving you to a greater awareness through what you are experiencing. 

You may feel the desire to control what is happening, to manipulate what you are experiencing so that you feel more comfortable with what is occurring.  Remember when you are act out of insecurity, you will attract insecure situations.  When you trust yourself in what you are experiencing, you allow the experience to flow through you.  

Don’t lose sight of what matters most to you, of what you value most, of what you value most about you.  Don’t doubt your worth.  Remember you are of value, you are unique and each of us has something to contribute, and only you can contribute the way you contribute. Your contribution is worthy, you are of value.  

So have faith in you because you have designed this experience to evolve through what you are experiencing.  Have faith in you because you know when you act from confidence and faith in yourself you attract what you need.  Have faith in you because you know you will attract the answers you seek.  Have faith in you because you are exactly where you are meant to be, and what you are experiencing is part of what it is to be you.

Believe in your life’s path, believe in the sense of belonging you feel when you are divinely connected to it, and believe in your destiny, because it is your destiny to evolve through what you experience.  Believe your experiences evolve you and you are actively participating in your evolution.  

Most of all believe in yourself because it is surprising how easily life flows when you believe in you.   

I believe in you, you can too. 


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