Attracting what you desire…

Know that you are loveable, that you are loved. 

Know that you are considerable,  that you are enough.  

Know that you are valuable, that you are valued. 

Know that you are capable, that you are everything you need to be.  

And make the effort to be the best you can be, your best you.  

When you are emotionally triggered, use these beliefs, this knowing to move through your emotional triggers.  Let go and let be, remind yourself you are loved, you are valued, you have something to contribute, and  allow yourself to move through what’s rises within you.  Let go of any expectation that is coming from you not feeling complete within yourself.  These expectations can sound like “if this doesn’t work then I’m not talented enough”, or “if they don’t do this then I am not enough for them”, or “if this doesn’t happen, then I’m not good enough”.  Any outside validation is an expectation you are projecting from an uncertainty within yourself.  How can you attract what you desire, if you don’t love and value yourself first. If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you expect others to recognise who you are.  If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you expect the universe to invest in you.  

Acting from uncertainty will attract more uncertainty. When uncertain about something, allow it be, for what it is, and what it is, it will be.  You won’t get in the way of it being something more. 

Acting from fear, will attract what you are afraid of.  When fearful, face your fear, and you will grow more confident and find you are more resilient than you have given yourself credit for.  

Acting from insecurity, will attract more insecurity, remember the universe responds to our actions, and if you don’t think you are enough, you won’t be enough.  

Acting from doubt, will attract more doubt, you will validate your doubts, by not having the confidence in yourself to be the person you know you are.  

  So invest in that relationship, invest in that job, invest in that commitment, and believe in you.  For only you can attract what you truly desire by being the person you believe yourself to be, and know that the reason you are attracted to what you want, is because you can attain it.  

This is what the universe wants for you, to be loved, to be valued, to be confident, and to feel complete.  

I believe in you, you can too. 


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