Becoming Conscious…

What’s happening in your life at the moment and what is rising within you?  What is the universe showing you?  

Everything we experience we evolve through, so where we find ourselves in any given moment, is exactly where we are meant to be, and what we experience there is what we are meant to experience, which is why we are experiencing it.   

So when we react to a moment, the reaction too, is evolving us. Becoming aware of how you are reacting is a great way to identify what is going on within you.  Being aware of what you notice about yourself in your interactions, you become conscious of how you are interacting in what you are experiencing.  Every reaction is energetic and contributes to the situation you are reacting to.    

Your reaction may be an inner wound, an insecurity that has formed through something you have experienced at some time in this lifetime, or  it could also possibly in a previous lifetime, a past life experience.  We all have inner wounds, some are deeper than others, some we are aware of, and others catch us totally by surprise.  Inner wounds can express themselves through assumptions or judgments, and can trigger some intense reactions.  Becoming conscious of an inner wound, gives us the opportunity to heal what has been awakened in us, by identifying what it is we are reacting to, what we are feeling and why we it has risen within us at this particular moment, in this particular circumstance.    

Being aware of what you notice about yourself in the way you interact, in how you are interacting in your life, can also help you figure out what makes you tick, what you enjoy the most, what you value in life, what matters most to you.  What gives you fulfilment, where you are happiest, is what you are seeking in life, and that search will lead you to a deeper recognition of you are really are and what you came here to do.  

Recognise where you are, what is going on in your life, and know you are a living part of what you are experiencing.  Recognise how far you have come, where you have been, and how you have evolved through what you have experienced.  See where is are going, what you want to create, the future that is calling to you.  Begin to manifest the life you came here to live.  

You are where you find yourself, in any given moment, because that is exactly where you are meant to be, why else would you be there?  In any circumstance you can find yourself, you can become conscious of what you are feeling, and get to know yourself more completely in that experience through what you are experiencing.  

This is what the universe want’s for you, this is why you have this awareness, so that you can know who you are in any given moment, and evolve through what you are experiencing.  You can trust yourself.  You can believe in yourself.  You can honour your truth.  

I believe in you, you can to…


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