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Where to begin

Lets imagine you are brave enough to embrace your talents.

Lets imagine you have what it takes.

Lets imagine you are enough.

Lets imagine you stopped limiting yourself.

Lets imagine you knew you would be successful.

Lets imagine your work becomes an expression of who you are.

When you design your work around your lifestyle, work no longer feels like work.

You can breathe life into the projects you are most passionate about.

You can be brave enough to embrace your ideas and begin.You can feel like this is something you were born to do.

Where to begin is often what blocks us from beginning.  We begin at the beginning, but where is the beginning? 

The beginning is the thought, the idea, the wish, that presents itself when you are considering making changes to what you are doing.  

Thinking about how you might go about doing what you want to do sees your idea beginning to take form, and you start to breathe life and structure into your plans.

Thinking about what your life will look like once you start to create what you want to do, sees you beginning to formulate and grow with your idea.  You are bringing your idea into being.  You are at the beginning of your new life.  

You might  take weeks.  You might take months.  Creation is taking place.  

You have a vision and it’s starting to take form.  

You will grow into it and it will evolve with you. 

It  will become a way of life.

You will live it.

Living it will give you the confidence to see past the limitations that may have blocked you before.  

Living it will give you the confidence to see what you are achieving, and to know this achievement is just the beginning.  

Your confidence will grow, you will start to believe in yourself.   

Where this can take you, is up to you.  

Believe in your talents.  

Believe in your uniqueness.

Believe you have what it takes.  

Believe this is what you are destined to do.  

Believe in you.  


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