Being authentically you…

In the now, where you find yourself in your life right now, where are you?  How do you see yourself, do you trust yourself, are you being authentically you?  

Being authentically you honours your belief in you, are you believing in you?  You can believe in you.

Being authentically you honours what you value in life, do you see your value?  You are valuable, you have value, you have something to contribute.

Being authentically you, you actively participate in the life you are living.  You are participating in your life, you can create a life that flows in the direction you want it to, you can position yourself to be where you want to be.   

Being authentically you, you can trust yourself, you can trust the life you have created, you can trust the life you are creating.  You can trust where you are right now, for being here right now, is exactly where you are meant to be.  Where you go from here is up to you.  

Being authentically you allows others to see you, allows others to appreciate who you are, allows others to love you.  You can love who you are, and in loving who you are, you can love others too.  You can stop simply existing in a space of what you feel is expected of you, and start being true to you. 

Embrace the true you, be yourself, be free from the expectations you may perceive and explore who you are, here in the now.  

Embrace the true you, be yourself, the self you know in your heart is the real you, only you can be uniquely you.  

Embrace the true you, be yourself, experience the sense of connectedness to the life you are living, explore where you belong.  

You are free to be you, wherever you may be, whoever you are with, you are free live the way you want to live, you are free to be who you want to be.  

Be your unique, authentic, beautiful self, and begin living the life you always wanted to live.  

You are free to be you.  Be true to you.  

I believe in you, you can too.


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