Exploring where you belong

Where you belong…

Life evolves us, we evolve through what we experience.  Each experience evolves us into who we will become, which is why we choose to experience what we experience.    

We are continuously evolving and re-inventing ourselves depending on what is transpiring in our lives.  Who are you now?  How have you evolved?  This is not test, this a quest.  A quest to know yourself more fully.  Is this where you belong? Do you belong where you are, right now, or do you feel you no longer fit here. Do you desire to experience something different?

If you feel less connected to where you are, to who you are with or to what you are surrounded by, to what surrounds you, you may have outgrown where you are.  And if you have outgrown where you are, you may want to explore where you belong and who you are now that you have evolved through what you have just experienced. 

This can happen especially if you have just come through a major life change.  Even though you may not  be quite sure what this new adjusted life looks like, the desire to explore will create a restlessness within you and this restlessness will motivate you to seek a new experiences and evolve into a new existence.    

Think back to when you have re-invented your life.  Maybe it was because your new love moves in different circles and opened your world up to new experiences.  Or your new job gave you a new perspective on society.   Or your latest relocation has wondering about the life you want to create in this new environment.  Each event has redefined who you are, and if you liked yourself in your new life, you stayed, until it was no longer a good fit, and you decided to re-invent yourself again.  

Exploring where you might belong, taking leaps of faith and jumping into the unknown.  Exploring where you might belong will bring you back into alignment with who you are now, now that you have grown and evolved through what you have experienced.    

Life is a living expression of what you believe it to be, don’t be afraid to grow in a new direction, don’t be afraid to evolve into a new life.  You may discover more about you, you may discover a new you.

Life is a living expression of who you are, express yourself in the way you live your life.  Make sure you are living the life you designed, not living a life designed by someone else’s expectations.  

When you align with who really are, what you value most, what matters most to you, you begin to create the life you were born to live.  

When you believe in you, and be curious about your life, you begin to create the life you were born to live.  

When you trust yourself and explore where you might belong, you begin to create the life you were born to live.   

Life is a journey of discovery, discover who you are, discover where you belong, discover who belongs there with you and discover what you belong doing.

Be Inspirational.


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