This too will evolve you...

When your faith is challenged…

Finding life is challenging your patience, feeling like you are losing faith in what you are doing, what you have been working hard towards, or what you have been hoping for, everything happens when it’s meant to, and there is a greater reason why it’s not happening right now.  

Patience is indeed a virtue, working out what’s going on, why you aren’t getting what you desire, why things aren’t happening in the way you hoped they might, may be challenging something within you, so right now be patient with you, be kind to you, and most importantly love who you are.  

If you are becoming frustrated with what’s not happening, notice what else is happening, what the benefit of being where you are right now is, what is good about where you find yourself.  Often we concentrate on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Explore what’s rising within you, and figure what you can do to make things better for you, to help you feel better about what is going on, what you are experiencing and you may take better care of you.

Finding hope, having faith, trusting yourself is much easier when life is flowing in the direction you want it go in, but when life seems to be dealing you blows, and isn’t working out the way you hoped it would, it is difficult to trust what is happening, to trust what you are experiencing.  

Finding hope, having faith and trusting yourself is exactly what you need to be doing in these challenging moments in time.  This is what these moments in time are, little challenges of resilience, of innovation, of trust, of faith, and of belief in you.  

How do you find that belief in you, how do you trust what is happening, how do you trust that there is a greater reason for what you are experiencing?  How do you trust this experience?  

Think about times in the past, they don’t have to be hugely dramatic times, they may just be little occurrences, where you have felt all hope is lost, only to find later that everything worked out better than you had expected.  Move yourself into that consciousness, even if you don’t understand what is going on, you know that it’s all going to work out the way it’s meant to.  

Remember how much faith you had in yourself, how you believed in yourself, how you found the resilience, or the innovation to re-invent yourself.  Draw on these experiences to give you hope in what is happening now, what you are experiencing now, and set about reworking your life. 

Trust what you are experiencing, trust that you are experiencing this for the experience of this, and that you are evolving through this experience too.  You will get to where you are going, one way or another, you will evolve into who you are becoming.

Trust yourself and align with what it is you really want, what this experience is showing you, and what this experience is igniting within you.

If you aren’t where you want to be, be open to change, to grow, to evolve and see how you can begin to shift your energy and start to sculpt your experience from a different perspective.

This too, is a part of your journey, embrace this experience, the way you are experiencing it, and how you it is evolving you.

You are on your way to greatness. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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