Enjoy being you

A change of heart…

This journey too is evolving you, enjoy being you.

What if you have a change of heart, what if you discover what you have been striving for, visualising, actively creating, no longer floats your boat? 

 You are evolving, your desire is evolving, your outcome, what you have been wishing for is evolving, this is called growth.   

You may have put so much time and energy into doing what you are doing, you may have experienced a deep desire to have, to do, to achieve, and now you’ve had a change of heart.  What if this change of heart is why you have put so much time and energy into doing what you are doing. 

We evolve through what we experience, you are experiencing an evolution of your idea, your plan, your pathway, and this is part of your journey as well.  It is ok to change direction, it’s ok to have a chang of heart.  

Life is to be lived, to be experienced, we journey through each experience.  Just as we all have unique tastes and styles, we all have individual processes, individual ways of being, individual ways of doing.  Trust your process, each direction, each choice, each action, is all a part of your individual journey, the way you experience life.  This change in direction, this change of heart,  is a part of what you are designing, of what you have designed, a part of what is destined to be.  Every choice, every action, every desire is leading you to discover more, more about life, your life, you. 

Be courageous, take a leap of faith, have faith in you, take risks, be a risk taker.  Dare to be different, dare to be yourself.  You are resilient, you are innovative, you can do things your way, in your own style that reflect who you really are, what you value in life, what’s important to you.  

What is it you want?  What you are passionate about?  Figure out where this is leading you.  What do you truly enjoy doing, this is how you discover your next step.  You only have to know the next step, you don’t have to know where it’s taking you, just keep climbing, because it is in the journey that you discover more about you.  

You have to really get you, what you are about, what your truth is and own who you are, this is your discovery, whether it is popular or not, it is who you are.  

It’s ok to have a change of heart, to change your mind, to change your path, to re-invent you.  Maybe re-invention is what you enjoy.  

Believe in every action you take, every decision you make, everything you do has a role to play in this journey through your life.  Express yourself, don’t get lost in circumstances, situations, or even relationships.  Remember what matters to you and know you are valuable and you are contributing to the life you are living, you are a living part of this experience.  

  Trust your life’s process, because your designed this life for the experience of living it.   

Trust the way you experience life and life will support you. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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