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Embracing Change…

Change is in the air!  

You know what you can imagine and you can create.  In life what you experience shapes who you become, so your visions, wishes and desires will lead you to where you belong, to what you belong doing there and who belongs there with you.  It is the desire that motivates you into action, that attracts you to that destination, but it is the journey of getting there that evolves you.  You evolve through the experience of creating what you desire, and your desire evolves as you journey through the process of creating it.   

So if change is in the air, you are growing into it.  You will evolve through what you experience.  Become more conscious about the decisions you are making, what you are doing, what you are creating, what you want to create.  Give greater consideration to what matters most to you, what you value most, what brings you most enjoyment, commit to what you desire.  In getting to know yourself, you will begin to understand who you are in this incarnation, you will begin to see that only you can be you, you will begin to see that only you can do what you do, because it is you doing it.   When you keep your individuality, when you realise you are unique, there is a uniqueness to you and to what you do, transitioning through change seems more of an exploration than a chore.  

Change can be unsettling, but it can also give you the sense of coming back to yourself, realigning with what matters most to you, what you value, what you love about you.  So when change happens, whether it be of your own making, something you want to change, or thrust upon you, choose to embrace it and allow yourself evolve through what you are experiencing.   Choosing  to embrace change is easier than fighting it, fighting the desire to change, or the change you are presented with may cause us to stay stuck in a situation that has outgrown it’s purpose in your life.  You don’t want to stay stuck in that situation that is no longer suits you, that is not who you are anymore, that is not what you really want.  

How you choose to experience what is happening in your life, is up to you and how you experience what you are experiencing may be different to how others experience it.   You are unique, your perception is unique as it is shaped by what you have experienced, by how you experience what you are experiencing.  Just as you have unique DNA , your experiences are as unique to you.  

Comparing your life to someone else’s, may motivate you to make some changes, or may awaken a new desire within you, which can be inspirational.  But making comparisons and changing your natural way of being, trying to fit in with a certain group, or situation, isn’t going to help you find where you belong.  Where you belong is where you can be yourself, who you know you really are, so you can do what you belong doing, what you are passionate about, and so you can find who belongs there with you.   

The way you embrace change, as confusing as it may be, really is up to you.  How you grow and evolve through what you experience, really is up to you.  

Choose to evolve fearlessly in your own unique way, and allow yourself embrace the changes your life presents you with.  

Allow yourself to embrace this experience of living, life is to be lived, and know this life is evolving you into who you will become.  

Find where you belong, what you belong doing and who belongs there with you.  

Be Inspirational.


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