How do you choose…

If you don’t like the beach, don’t be with surfer!  

We are presented with choices every moment of our waking life.  Lot’s of the choices we make, we make without giving them much thought at all.  Sometimes we even perceive we have no choice.  

So…what will you choose today?  Today you have choices to make.  Tomorrow you have choices to make.  Next week you have choices to make.  

Every choice is an individual choice, and every choice you make, makes sense to you at the time of making it.  It’s often afterwards that we wonder why we chose what we chose to do.  Of-course there are no wrong decisions, just experiences that come from the decisions we make. 

 Take a moment and think about what your decision making process is.  Do you choose to follow your intuition, do you choose to follow what you intuitively know in your heart or do you simply weigh up your options and go with the logical conclusion?  How do you go about choosing what you want to do, what sits with you, what defines you in that moment of choice?

And in taking a moment to think about your decision making process, let’s also think about your intentions as well.  Intentions are how we communicate our desires.  What is it you intend to do by making this choice?  

So…what is your decision making process, how do you decide upon what action to take?  Somewhere within you, you hold all there is to know, somewhere within you, you know what is right for you.  Even when you feel confused by what is presenting in your life, somewhere within you, you know what you must do.  Not only do you know what you must do, you also know when you must do it, when it’s the right time for you to do what you feel you must.  We all have different decision making processes, just like we all have different life experiences.  

When you choose a particular course of action based on what you feel intuitively guided  to do, you will find the universe responds to your actions by confirming you are making the right choice. The way things align will be a sign you are moving in the right direction and give you the confidence to continue on your path. Signs are all around us, all we need do is notice them.  If you are feeling uncertain about what you are doing, ask for a sign, and you’ll notice something that gives you the confidence to proceed with your choice.  

So today, how will you decide, will you follow your intuition, and allow the universe to guide you to do what’s right for you?

I believe in you, you can too.


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