Connect, Communicate, Commit.

Connect and Communicate…

This is a vibe about connection, communication and commitment.  

Is the universe delivering on your wishes, how are you communicating what it is you want, are you walking your talk, are you living your truth? 

The universe responds directly to you, therefore if something isn’t working out the way you want it to, are believing it’s possible, do you believe in your desire.  If something is just not happening no matter what effort you are putting in to it, is it really what you want? 

What are your actions saying, are you backing up what you believe, are you being specific about what you are seeking?  Consider how you are communicating what it is you want.  Are you confident, do you believe in your abilities?   Are you willing to commit to your desire, to walk your talk?   How are you communicating and how is the universe, your universe responding to you?  

It is your universe, your reality, your desire.  Take a moment to observe what is occurring in your life, what’s manifesting, what is your life showing you?  What can you improve on, is there something more you can do to live the way you want to live?  

This is your life, this is your reality, you are living it, it is a living expression of your desires.  Sometimes in life what we think we want, we don’t really, and when it doesn’t manifest we wonder why.   Of-course this too is a part of the divine design that exists in our lives, the experience of figuring out what makes us tick, what we truly desire, who we are in this reality.  Each experience evolves into the next and so on.  Each experience evolves us into we becoming.  

Embrace your life and what you have experienced.  Embrace your life and what you are experiencing.  Think about, ponder, question, explore what it is you really desire, because your desires create your reality, the universe responds to you.  

Be confident in your endeavours, you can create the life you want, a life that is aligned to who you really are, aligned to your truth.  All you need do is believe that it is possible, follow through in the actions you take, the decisions you make, how you communicate what you want, commit to where this takes you. Your contribution empowers your dreams into reality, make your life a living expression of who you are.     

 Some things are harder to define than others, these are more likely to be deep desires, so it makes sense to devote more time and energy into figuring out what you truly want. This is part of discovering who you are, through what you are experiencing, where you find yourself, feeling connected to the divine design that exists in your life.  

Be the change you want to see, connect to what you truly desire for you, what inspires you, what excites you, what motivates you.  Communicate this through the actions you take, the decisions you make, make your life a living expression of who your truth.  Allow your life to align with your deepest desires and the universe will respond accordingly. 

True desire takes commitment.  You have to believe in yourself,  see what’s achievable.  You have to believe that anything is possible, and know that what is meant to for you, will manifest.  

This is your journey, a part of the path you have decided to take.  Where it takes you, is up to you.

I believe in you, you can too.



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