Connection and disconnect

 When you encounter chance meetings, fateful occurrences when things seem to simply fall into place, you feel connected. 

This connection brings a deep sense of belonging. 

You meet who you are meant to meet, you experience being in the right place at the right time for the right things to occur, and you are reminded just how amazing your  life is, it all feels predestined.  You become conscious of the design that exists in your life, and start to notice the synchronicities that have always occurred.  You feel in the flow.  

But what of the times where you feel a disconnect.  Sometimes a disconnect can take you by surprise, you may be cruising along quite nicely, feeling very blessed and content, and just maybe a little complacent.  Disconnect happens when something needs to change.  Disconnect can feel like you are in limbo, you may feel like you can’t make sense of anything, you may feel you have lost your way.  You haven’t you know, you are growing and evolving, and settling into a new reality. You may have outgrown where you are at, you even may have outgrown who you are with.  Something  is changing within you. You may be redefining who you are, where you are at in your life, and you may be re-evaluating what’s important to you, what you value.  

This is a time to honour who you really are, to get to know yourself in this reality. 

This is a time to honour how you are feeling, to allow yourself to feel. 

This is a time begin a new journey, a new chapter in your life.    

Honour the way you move through your life, you are a living part of what you are experiencing.  

You are who you are, you are evolving, just as your life is evolving, through your uniquely individual way of living it.

Embrace where you are at, and where you are heading.  Life is to be lived, the way you live it is up to you.  

You’ve got this, it’s all there for you, waiting for you to believe in you.  

I believe in you, you can too. 


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