Conscious Energy

Being conscious of your energy…

It’s important at this time especially with everything that is going on, to me mindful about your energy and what energy you are putting out into the universe.  Because your energy matters, your energy contributes to the universe, the collective consciousness, that we are all connected to.  

Your energy is your vibration, and what you vibrate, you will attract.  If you are uncertain, uncertainty will present in your life.  If you are afraid, you will manifest your fears.  And if you are confident, your confidence will attract success.  

So what does your energy say about you?  What are you wanting to attract?  To attract what you want, you must stay in that vibration, as like attract like.  Think about when you feel flat, your experiences are flat, you day is a drag. Think about when you feel more enthusiastic, you day is uplifting, you are excited to be alive.   

Some days we wake up in a funk, in a mood where we just can’t be bothered.  Finding motivation is a chore, and everything seems harder.  We don’t want to feel like this, we don’t want to be like this, but we are experiencing this.  So how do we shift this energy, how do we move through it? And it is about moving through it, rather than suppressing it, or denying it, we need to feel it, acknowledge we feel the way we do.  When we become conscious of our mood, conscious of the energy we are radiating, and we can consciously shift it.  The funny thing is, when we acknowledge how we are feeling, rather than fighting what we are feeling,  the feeling seems less intense, it seems to dissipate, it’s less consuming.  

So, if you are feeling in a funk, remind yourself of better days, days in which you were happier, more content, naturally optimistic about your life.  Surround yourself with uplighting energy.  Music is great way to uplifting energy.  Put on a song that reminds you to embrace your happiness, that moves you into a state of being where you feel lighter, and allow yourself to dance.   

It’s the same with thoughts, we can get stuck in our thoughts or a pattern of thinking, and it can be quite challenging soften or silence some thoughts.  Ask yourself if it is constructive to think the way you are thinking.  Reminding yourself of what you value. Remind yourself that you are of value.  Remind yourself that you are contributing to the energy that surrounds you.  And remember that you are blessed, that the universe supports you through the energy you vibrate.  

Don’t be afraid to dream, to hope, to find your natural optimism for life.  Don’t be afraid to dare, to dare to believe in yourself, to believe in others, to believe in destiny.  Don’t be afraid to love your life, and to love your life experience.  And don’t be afraid to love unconditionally, because you will be loved unconditionally in return.  

We are energy, we do radiate energy.  

What energy are you radiating?  

Be Inspirational.


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