Creating your destiny

Sometimes in life we wonder why we do the things we do.  Sometimes in life we wonder how we came to where we are at.   Something stirs within us.  Something calls us to attention.  

Are we still aligned to the life we are living?  Are we living our truth?

Perhaps there is something more.  Perhaps there is something different.  Perhaps we have outgrown where we are.  

Our intuition quietly whispers, quietly shares her wisdom.

 She shares stirrings that motivate us to be curious and to seek.  She shares glimpses of different realities.

She asks us are we content.  She asks us if we want to move.  She asks us why we stay.

She asks us if there is something more.  She asks us if we are living our truth.  

As we consider what she asks, we sense a yearning for change.  This may not be big life altering change, it could be a simple little change we want to make, a change that matters. 

This may not be something we do immediately, it might take some time and need to be explored.

When we listen and act upon our Intuition, we act upon our truth, we place our trust in our innermost thoughts and we believe in our perceptions.

Listen to your inner voice, let it guide you in the choices you make, and know that you are on your path creating your destiny.

Trust yourself and live your truth. 


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