What are you aiming for…

So here you are contemplating making a directional shift.  How do you assess what to aim for, and are you being realistic in your expectation, are you are aiming too high, or what if you aren’t aiming high enough?

Lets explore those words.  

Realistic – Oxford Dictionary “regarding things as they are”, “based on facts rather than ideals”.  

Expectation – Oxford Dictionary “something expected, hoped for”, “the probability of an event”.

So … If you decide to head in this direction, where will it take you and what’s the probability of getting there?  

How do you tell if you are being too realistic and limiting yourself with your expectation, or if you are being unrealistic and expecting too much? And does it even matter?

No, what matters is that you are seeking to make changes, you are looking to improve your life in some way, because you are no longer content with where you are at.

The urge to alter something in your life is the motivation to make changes that lead you in a direction, it is the directional shift that changes your life, not the outcome of that shift in direction. In others words, it is the journey getting there, rather than the destination.

  The expectation of where this directional shift may take you is what you aim for.  When you find yourself aiming for more of something in your life, or something different, you are no longer content where you are placed in your life, and this is what motivates you to make a directional shift.   In making this directional shift, if your aim isn’t high enough, you will not be content with where you end up, and you will make another directional shift.  Or if you aim too high, you may lose your motivation to continue in that direction, and you may adjust your aim based on what you are experiencing and you may make another directional shift.  Either way your directional shift will evolve, and you will evolve through it.  Your perception will shift, your awareness will shift, and you will evolve into another directional shift. This is why it is the directional shift that changes your life, rather than the outcome of the shift in direction.  

What matters more is that you believe in yourself, that you trust yourself and your vision, so you can move confidently through the experience of taking this directional shift.  That you value yourself, and honour what you value most about your life, so it can lead you to where you want to end up.

This is your life, this is what it is to live, to grow and evolve through what you experience from the decisions you make, the directional shifts you take.  Live your life the way you want to live it, and trust that you will get to where you are going, wherever that may be, even if it’s not where you’d be, you will end up where you are meant to be.

It is the directional shift that changes your life, not outcome of the shift in direction.  

I believe in you, you can too. 


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