Be Where you Belong

Embracing uncertainty…

Embrace where you are in your life, embrace the confidence you have gained from what you have experienced so far.  Remember you weren’t always confident, you weren’t always all knowing, sometimes you were uncertain, sometimes you were fearful.

Embracing uncertainty and facing our fears is what liberates us from them.  Rise to the challenge, it is a challenge you are destined to face.  Your faith in yourself, what you intuitively know and what you believe may all be challenged through this process. 

When you are uncertain, insecure or fearful, you may react in ways you wouldn’t normally react, and regret the way you have reacted.  Of-course every action we take, we are destined to take, that’s why we take it, to evolve to where it evolves to.  However, if we see and understand what we are afraid of, we can gain a greater understanding of who we are, and what we want to change, without the drama acting out of fear, insecurity or uncertainty creates.  

Don’t let fear dictate the decisions you make, don’t let fear settle into your way of life.  Fear is contagious, fear can easily find a place in your consciousness and you may become afraid of life.  Love your fears because your fears are showing you what you came here to master.  You are here to experience life, it is called living.  Don’t be afraid to face what your are afraid of and to see where it might take you, you might just surprise yourself, and realise you didn’t need to be afraid at all. 

Embrace where you are at in your life, create your reality and be grateful for all the experiences life has sent your way.  It is how you perceive what you are experiencing  that will shape your perspective on what is happening in your life.  It is your perspective that will shape how you will react to what you are experiencing, and who you will become.

Remember life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings. 

Choose to see what you are experiencing through curious eyes, be  kind and gentle with yourself, so that you are kind and gentle with others.  See how you are evolving through what you are experiencing.  

Don’t let fear become a way of life, don’t let fear settle into your being.   

Shine your light so brightly that the world can see you, so you can find where you belong, and be who you are destined to be.  

Live, question, think and wonder.

I believe in you, you can too.  


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