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Don’t settle into Fear

As life unfolds, choose to embrace each experience with a sense of wonder, even the most challenging of times, can bring unexpected delights.  

In times of uncertainty our faith in our resilience may be challenged, our faith in our beliefs may be challenged.  Our faith in each other may be confronted as well.  

When our beliefs are challenged we can become fearful, and when we are afraid we react in way we wouldn’t normally react.  

Don’t let fear dictate the decisions you make, don’t let fear settle into your way of life.  

Fear is contagious, fear can easily find a place in our consciousness, choose not to be fearful.  

Replace your fears with belief, be optimistic, be hopeful and have faith.  Faith in yourself and faith in others.  

Replace your fears with wonder, wonder about the details, wonder about what you are perceiving.  Question, does it makes sense, is this your truth?

Embrace where you are today, create your reality and be grateful for all the experiences life has sent your way.  

It is how we perceive what we are experiencing  that shapes our perspective on what is happening in our lives.  It is our perspective that shapes who we are, and how we react to what we are experiencing today.  

Remember life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings. 

Our perception on what we are living creates our living perspective.  

Choose to look at what you are experiencing through kind eyes, be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Choose to look at what you are experiencing through kind eyes and be gentle and compassionate with others as well.  

See how you are evolving through what you are experiencing.  

Don’t let fear become a way of life, don’t let fear settle into your being.  

Live, question, think and wonder. 

Shine your light so brightly that the world can see your truth.  


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