What you feel matters

Feeling compromised…

When to compromise and when to stand your ground, is a difficult decision to make.  How do you feel about compromising, how will you feel about yourself, if you compromise?  How do you feel about standing your ground, are you going to be able to walk your talk and stay confident in your stance?  This is something to ponder, something worth considering when faced with making decisions, and often is something we overlook.    

Is this what you intended to occur, what did you wanted to attract, what you’ve been calling in, what you have been working hard towards, somehow you have attracted this choice.  What will this compromise say about your commitment to getting what you want and how will you feel about you if you make this compromise?  Are you honouring your value, honouring what you truly believe you are worthy of?  Will you feel less somehow, like you are depriving yourself of something important, how will you feel?  Worth considering, isn’t it?  

What will your compromise attract, what will you create by choosing to make this compromise?  If you are undervaluing yourself, how will you be empowered by the actions you are taking, how will you feel about you?

Sometimes life presents us with situations where it is difficult to stand our ground, stand in our truth.  It can be difficult work out what we are feeling especially when we may have people to consider, or commitments to consider, our fears and insecurities may hold us back in some shape or form.   

Notice what you are feeling, notice what you are thinking and rethinking, and hear yourself when you speak out loud about what you are intending to do.  How you speak about what is going on, reflects what you are feeling, you may be surprised about what you hear yourself saying.  Notice how others are responding to what you are saying, this too will give you insight into how strongly you feel about what you are intending to do.  If others respond negatively, does it matter to you, if others respond positively, does it matter to you, how are do you feel?

Your feelings become thoughts, and your thoughts become actions, and your actions attract.  

Somehow you have attracted this compromising position you find yourself in, but you don’t have to stay there.  You can decide you do value, you are worthy and you have what it takes to believe in yourself.  You can start a fresh, you can align with your intentions, you can create a different result. 

Your feelings become thoughts, and your thoughts become actions, and your actions attract.  Choose to feel differently about yourself, you are of value, you matter, you are worthy, believe in you and honour what matters most to you. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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