Deep Connectedness

Finding Connectedness…

We are all seeking a deeper sense of connectedness in our lives and it is the little things in life that show us where this deeper sense of connectedness exists. 

What resonates deep within our being, as well as who we surround ourselves with, amplifies this feeling of connectedness, this feeling of “this is where I belong”, “this is what I belong doing”, “this is what I was born to do”.

Are you feeling connected to where you are in your life right now?  Are you where you belong, are you surrounded by who you belong with, have you found your tribe?  

We are always discovering more about ourselves in this journey that is life, we seek deeper connection to the life we are living.  We grow, we evolve, we change because of what we experience, and sometimes we outgrow where we are, sometimes we outgrow who we surrounded with, sometimes we move on.  

If you are confronted with a lack of self belief which is compromising your values and your self worth, which is keeping you in a situation that isn’t sitting well with you, know you don’t have to stay in a situation that isn’t right for you.  Be kind and compassionate with yourself, because this experience too is part of your evolution, it is evolving you into who you are becoming.  It is a part of your process of finding a deeper sense of connectedness in your life, of finding where you belong.

Embrace this process, embrace where you are, what you are experiencing and embrace the yearning for change that is growing within you, because this yearning for something more, something different, is leading you to finding where you belong, and who belongs there with you.  Embrace the way you are moving through your life, as you are a living part of what you are experiencing. 

Perhaps there is something more, perhaps there is something different, perhaps you might belong somewhere else.  Explore the possibilities that exist in your life right now, look for a deeper sense of connectedness.  What can you change, what can you do comfortably, what can you do uncomfortably?  Embrace the way you move through your life, you are a living part of what you are experiencing. 

 Where do you feel most at home, what do you feel most at home doing, who do you feel most at home with?  Deep connectedness exists in your life right now, explore where this connectedness exists and follow what you are attracted to doing, go where you are attracted to being.  

Be in love with you, all the parts of you, see your beauty, see the beauty in you, see the beauty around you.  See your value, see the value in you, see the value in what you are experiencing.  If you see who you really are, your life will reflect who you really are, you will be in love with your life.

Loving and understanding  you in all your unique glory, reconnects you with the true you, so you can be true to you.  Know that you belong where you belong and know you are contributing to the experience that is your life.  It is important that you be exactly who you are because you are important, you are of value, you are of love.  See the beauty of being you and the wonder in your life, don’t be afraid to embrace who you really are.   

Believe in you, trust in you, trust in what you are motivated to do, find a deeper sense of connectedness in your life.  

I believe in you, you can too.


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