Each Experience shapes you

Being grateful for every experience…

Your  life is a living expression of who you are and what you have experienced thus far.  

Your perception of where you find yourself is what will define how you feel about where you are at.  

Each life event has redefined you.  

Each life event has helped shape who you have become.  

Remember you are not standing still, you are creating your life, and that process of creation continues until your last breath.   

Being appreciative of where you are at will help you feel more empowered by where you find yourself today.    

Being appreciative of what you have achieved and how far you have come will give you the confidence to keep creating.  

Finding appreciation for the simple things in life with a childlike innocence is a gift, a gift that can transform your perception of the life you are living.   

Practising the art of appreciation will help you feel more content with where you are at.  

Practising the art of gratitude will give you the confidence to feel happy where you are at.  Be grateful for the little things in life, appreciate the life that surrounds you, the sound of children playing in the street, the birds singing, the bees buzzing around the garden, the cat purring,  and the dogs barking.  

All this life is a part of your life, a life you are participating in, a life you are creating.  

Remember you are not standing still, you are creating.

You have choices, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you still have a choice of how you see where you are at.  

You can choose to see restriction, or you can choose to see opportunity.  

Sometimes life is uncomfortable, sometimes we find ourselves in situations we’d rather not be in.   

Sometimes we get stuck in situations, for whatever reasons, and we stay there longer than we need to. These situations are often what teach us the most about ourselves.  

If you find yourself in limbo, waiting for something to happen, for whatever reasons your life seems to be on hold, it’s not, life is happening all around you.  

Choose to see opportunity rather than restriction, and magic will happen, a new life will unfold before your eyes and you will start to feel the joy of living again, the excitement of new beginnings and the confidence that appreciation brings. 

Be grateful for every experience life gives you and remember every life event helps shape who you are.


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