In times of uncertainty…

With so much information out there, so many opinions, so many takes on what is happening, who it’s happening to, and how its coming about, what do we believe, who do we trust?  

It is indeed an interesting time in history to be alive.  We are a contributing part of the reality we are living.   How we choose to live in these times is a matter of perception, is a matter of what we believe and who we trust.  

So what and who do we believe.   Believe what rings true to you, believe what resounds with you, believe what your intuition senses.  Honour your intuitive nature to decode what you are experiencing, and start trust yourself and your life again.  Trust what you are sensing, trust your intuitive nature and believe in you.   

In times of uncertainty it may be difficult to embrace life with the sense of wonder needed to remain optimistic, but even in the most challenging times, we do experience unexpected delights.  

It is when we become fearful that we don’t react in a way we would normally react, we stop experiencing life with optimism in our hearts.  Fear is contagious, it can easily find a place in our consciousness, and before we know it, it can become a way of life.  Don’t let fear settle into your way of life, don’t let fear dictate the decisions you make.  

Replace your fears with belief, belief in yourself, belief in the goodness that exists in your world, believe in others.  

Replace your fears with faith, faith in yourself, faith that you will find your way, faith that you have what it takes.  

Replace your fears with wonder, wonder about the details, question if it make sense to you, if what you are perceiving feels right to you, is it your truth?   

Our perception on what we are living, creates our living perspective, don’t let fear become a way of life.  

Embrace where you are today, create your reality and be grateful for all the experiences life has sent your way. 

Remember life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings. 

See how you are evolving through what you are experiencing and carry optimism in your heart of hearts.  

Choose to look at what you are experiencing through kind eyes, 

be gentle and compassionate with yourself and be gentle and compassionate with others.   

Don’t let fear become a way of life, don’t let fear settle into your being.  

Live, question, think and wonder. 

Believe and trust yourself, trust your inner voice, trust your instincts.

Shine your light so brightly so the world can see your truth.  

I believe in you, you can to.  


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