Knowing what you know…

Now that you are trusting the way you move through life, and you are finding where you belong, it’s time to trust what you know you know.

Knowing what you know, without knowing how you know it, just knowing that you know it, is intuition.  

When you listen to your intuition, your intuitive nature speaks within you, you trust and believe in you, so you trust what you are sensing without questioning why you sensing it.

To be able to trust your intuition, your intuitive nature, embracing it’s existence as a part of you involves trusting and believing in you. 

Believing in you allows you to sense, to feel and to acknowledge what it is you are sensing, so you can act upon what you feel, what your senses are telling you, and you allow your intuition guide you.  

Your intuitive nature, is as instinctual as any of your natural aptitudes, all you have to do is trust you, and allow your intuitive instincts to guide you. 

Your intuitive nature calls you to follow where she leads.   

Believing in your intuitive nature will help you discern when it is your intuition speaking and your intuitive voice will become stronger.  It is different from an inner dialogue that has been created by your experiences in life, like an insecurity or a fear.  

Your intuitive inner dialogue may go like this… “I have this knowing about this?”, “What is this I am sensing?”,  “Is this  what I truly believe in my heart of hearts?”, “Does this ring true to me?”.  Your intuitive inner dialogue is subtle, though it resonates deep within you.  

Your intuitive nature helps you stay connected to the life you came here to experience, the life you are destined to live, your destiny.  

When you allow your intuitive instincts to guide you through life you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, for the right opportunities to happen, and you know you are exactly where you are meant to be.  

Living life intuitively means you feel you way through your life experiences, trusting your intuitive nature to guide you in your daily existence.  

We are all blessed with an intuitive nature, and we can all choose to listen when she speaks, we can all allow our intuitive voice to guide us.    

Know what you know, don’t second guess yourself, and let your intuition guide you through your life, and you’ll know you are living the life came here to live.  

Trust yourself, trust what you know, act upon what you are feeling with confidence, and allow your intuitive nature to guide you through your life.      

I believe in you, you can too.  


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