Love who you are

Lets talk about love…

Lets talk about love, self-love, taking care of you, of how you feel, of who you are.

So who are you?  What is it you love about you?  What is important to you?  What matters most to you?  What’s your truth, what are you all about?

Listen to how you speak about you.  “Oh I love this about me”.   Speak lovingly about you.

And listen to how you think about you. “I am happy in my world”. Think lovingly about you. 

And listen to how you feel about you.  “I love who I am here in this moment”.  Feel lovingly about you.

Remind yourself of who you are, that you are loveable, that you matter.  

Affirm what you believe about you by the actions you take.  Take care of you, be there for you, so that you feel good about you.

Somedays this is very easy to do, somedays the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you are celebrating who you are, you feel connected, at home with yourself.  

Other days aren’t so easy, other days it feels like such an effort to get on with your day, you feel like you are just going through the motions of the day.  These are the days where you need to take care of you.  These are the days where you want to wrap yourself in cottonwool and nurture yourself because are feeling vulnerable.  And these are the days where you can heal, consciously shift through what you are feeling, and sometimes all that takes is recognition of what is bothering you.  Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perception and miraculously the energy shifts and you feel better. 

Rituals, meditations, affirmations, can all help you return to yourself.  Do something you love to do, do something that always makes you feel better.  Put some music on, music is a great way to shift energy, put on that song that reminds you of better times, of fun and festivity, and dance, jump, jiggle you way through your day.  Go for a walk, exercise out that frustration, you’ll feel better.  Listen to a podcast that’s uplifting, revitalising, energising.  And if that doesn’t work, take the day off, rest, relax, and pamper you.  Because you are worth it, you are of value, you are loved, and you are safe with you.  

Do what you love to do, be who you are in your own way and let your inner world be reflected in your outer expression, because you are uniquely beautiful in who you are.  

Know you have something to contribute, your world needs you and you are here to experience what you are experiencing, and if you don’t love who you are, who else can?  Embrace you, because you belong here in this moment, in this story, in this reality.  

Love and care for you, and you will find your life supports you.  Be aware of how you feel, enlightened by what you feel, awaken to the power of your love. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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