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Letting go of limitations…

This is what the universe wishes for you, to allow yourself to flow with your vision so that you can create what you truly desire.  

What’s holding you back, a limitation.  Letting go of limitations can be a bit tricky.  They can catch us by surprise.  Here you are, busy creating the life you were born to live, what you  came here to do, and wham!  You are suddenly presented with a limiting belief.  

So what’s a limiting belief?  It’s that little voice inside of you, you little inner critic, that says you can’t.  

You can’t do this because… 

Or you can’t until… 

Or you won’t be successful… 

Or you aren’t enough… 


If you truly believe in yourself, you can, you know you can.If you truly believe in yourself, you can shut your little inner critic up. 

Because your little inner critic is telling you “you can’t”, you are going to be challenged.  

Are you up to the challenge?  Yes, of-course you are, because you believe in yourself, and you have realised something is holding you back.  You wouldn’t have realised something is holding you back, if it wasn’t something you can master.  

Mastery is an ongoing process, and it requires practise.  This practise begins with defining what your limiting belief is, that is creating havoc at the moment, and then mastering letting it go.  It no longer serves a purpose in your life, you can liberate yourself from it, and you can continue creating the life you came here to live.  

You’ve been given a vision, a vision of what is possible.

You can see a potential.  

The attraction of this potential is so great that you can forget your limitations and bring your vision into being.  

I believe in you, you can too!  


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