What's your wish

Living Embodiment…

Your life is a living embodiment of what you want it to be.  Trust where you find yourself is exactly where you are meant to be, and let your desire guide you to where you are you are evolving to.  

You may be desiring something different, and this is what will motivate you to make the changes you need to make.  The reason you are desiring something different is why you find yourself where you are.  The reason you are experiencing what you are experiencing is to create this desire to change what you want to change.  What is it you are desiring?

 You may be experiencing this desire because something has shifted within you and you have outgrown where you are.  You may feel your life no longer fits you, you may feel less connected to what surrounds you and you know something has changed, and something has to change.  

This can happen especially if you have just come through a major transition, and you now have a deeper understanding or awareness that you are no longer who you were, you have grown and evolved.  Even though you may not  be quite sure what this new adjusted life looks like, you desire to create the changes that reflects how you feel now.   

Think back to when you have re-invented your life.  Maybe it was because your new love moves in different circles and opened your world up to new people, connections and experiences.  Or maybe your new job gave you a new perspective on society, a greater awareness of what it’s like for others.  Or maybe your latest relocation has you pondering what you want to create in your new environment.  Each life experience, each life event has defined you, and you grew and evolved through that experience.  

You are consistently moving through change, albeit small, seemingly insignificant change, or major life events.  You may even resist change, until something happens that gets you moving again and motivates you to create change.  This is when you become restless, your restlessness is your guide, it alerts you to where change is required, and this will creates desire.  

What is it you desire to change today, how might you go about making this change?  You are unique and have your own way of living, you own way of experiencing where you are, and what you feel and what you create. Be uniquely individual in the way your express the creation that is your life.  Allow what rises within you to motivate you create the life you are destined to live.  Allow yourself to move through your process of creating the changes you are inspired to implement. 

Allow yourself to shift, to grow, to evolve into who you are becoming, and live the life you are destined to live, for you are uniquely designed to experience it.  

I believe in you, you can too.


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