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The Universe awaits your instructions…

What are you telling the universe?  What are you putting out there?  Are you wondering why the universe isn’t delivering on your wishes?  

Here is something to ponder, devote some time and thought to what you wish the universe to provide, because what you put out there is what you will receive.  

So… be specific about what you are seeking.  Make your list, or affirm by your actions, dream your dreams.  Whichever way you choose to communicate what you desire, be specific about the details.  

The universe doesn’t judge, it responds accordingly. 

So… manifesting our desires requires details, specific’s, and of-course the belief that you can have what you want.  We need to identify what it is we are seeking.  Often in life what we think we want, we don’t really, and when the universe delivers it to us, we wonder why we have chosen it.  

If it’s pretty close to what we thought we wanted, but not quite what we wanted to manifest, it’s about the details we provide.   Leave out an important component of what you are ordering and you’ll receive a portion rather than the complete order.  

If it’s something far removed from what we thought we requested, then we really have been confusing about what were asking.  Having a conversation in life where a person says one thing and does something else, confuses us.  We receive mixed messages from this person and often decide we don’t trust they will deliver on what they are suggesting.  So just like these mixed messages and actions receive from others, our conversations with the universe can result in mixed messages and actions from us.  Because the universe delivers what we ask for, if we are confused about what’s manifesting in our life, then it’s probably because we aren’t committed to what we are asking for. 

Hence the saying “be careful what you wish for”.  It’s all in the details, if don’t give enough details, you’ll manifest a general version of what you are wishing for, and that may not fulfil your wishes.  Give too many details, and it may take quite some time for the universe to deliver.  Hence the saying “it’s worth the wait”.   Big desires take time to manifest, and often require more effort on our behalf, whereas smaller desires happen more easily, and can seem to occur quite naturally.  What occurs more naturally in our lives, is easy to believe.  Something that takes more time, tests our conviction.   

Some things are harder to define than others, these are more likely to be the things you desire deeply, so it makes sense to devote more time and energy into manifesting what you truly desire.  

This is why making lists is a great way to manifest.  Taking time to think about what you want, and write it down, aligns you with your desires.  It will also remind you of what you are wishing for, so you can reaffirm your wishes with your actions.  Vision boards are another great way of keeping your on track about the messages you are giving the universe.   

True desire takes commitment.  You have to believe in yourself, you have to believe that what you desire is possible, you have to have faith that the universe will deliver.  

So… the universe awaits your instruction.  Make it clear, paint the right picture, walk your talk, be who you see yourself being, and the universe will deliver.  

I believe in you, you can too. 


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