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My Awakening

My Awakening….

My awakening accompanied a realisation that my natural intuitive way of living didn’t come as naturally to everyone. 

I began question and explore my natural state of being to yearned for a greater understanding of how I experienced my world.

This was in a time before the internet, before Google, when books were the way we researched.  I began exploring beliefs, my beliefs, what others believed.  I had always been interested in mysteries but this was a quest, a hunger had arisen inside of me, a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for awareness.  Something had shifted within me. This was my world, this world of intuitive knowing, this world of subtle messages and signs, this was where I belonged, so I observed, pondered and trusted it was leading me somewhere. 

I sought out bookshops that sold everything esoteric, metaphysical, mystical and philosophical.  I would spend hours in these wonderful spaces absorbing the atmosphere, shyly perusing the aisles. The books seemed to jump out at me, sometimes it was their covers, or where they were positioned on the shelf, or simply that my hand would gravitate towards them.  So I would buy them, feeling I had to own them, rather than borrow them from a library, so I could keep them, treasure them and revisit them. I was collecting their stories, as well as collecting the knowledge they contained.  I read them, and re-read them, each time getting something else from their pages, sometimes words, sometimes phrases and sometimes it would just be a paragraph that jumped out at me, drawing me into their world so my world would expand.

Music too, was part of this journey, I had been surrounded by music all my life, but it was the lyrics that started to speak more clearly to me as my awakening evolved.  I would discover a new song, or a new artist, and find their lyrics often contained the answers I was seeking, or resonated so much with what has happening in my life at the time.  This was no coincidence, this was fateful. My love of music allowed me to connect with some of the most amazingly creative individuals and this continues today.

When I read books about spiritual journeys and inner experiences, I felt I was walking beside each character and that I was a part of their journey. I was reconnecting and remembering. There were people out there who were just like me, who trusted their instincts, who allowed themselves to live intuitively, who saw their life as an unfolding adventure, an exploration into knowing themselves more fully. 

I started having wonderful philosophical conversations with like-minded friends and played around with giving intuitive readings, exploring their realities and becoming more aware of the divine design that exists in our lives.  Soon all my conversations were deep and often predictive. 

This is what I wanted to do, this is when I felt most alive.  So one fateful day, I walked into a New Age Bookshop and offered myself as an Intuitive Reader.  Two weeks later I had my first gig.  I loved my days at the Bookshop surrounded by all that knowledge, and the people the books attracted.  My world soon evolved into travelling around Australia doing different gigs, and I was blessed to be able to keep my gig at the Bookshop even though I was away on the road lots.  My life was evolving and I was so connected to the path I was on, each journey away being another adventure, and the time spent at home more enriched with what life offers us. I felt destined to be doing this. 

And then something even more magical happened, a precious little soul came into existence and my life expanded with the birth of my son. I realised how blessed I am, not only to have him inspire me every day, but watch him experience life in his own uniquely autistic way.  He would accompany me if I went on the road, or if I went to a clients home, this little soul in his own world while I intuited mine.  He has grown into an amazing young man, and he continues to inspire me.

I am still inspired by my work, especially the wonderful people I attract into my realm of intuitive knowing. I feel very blessed to able to walk this journey with my amazingly creative clients, and to be able to continue create and inspire as our lives evolve.


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