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Perceptions and Perspectives

Are we looking at our reflection, while we are in a state of reflection….  What does our expression say about us?  

This New Year we are ushering in a new decade as well, and we may be pondering what was going on in our lives 10 years ago, and how far we have come.  

It may feel like a lifetime ago, we may feel like we are a completely different person now.  

What we wished for, what brought us joy, who we were in love with, and how we felt about ourselves, may have all changed.  

As we ponder about our experiences, we gratefully see how our life has helped us evolve into who we are today, as well as glimpses of where we might find ourselves in 10 years time.  

 Sometimes we ask ourselves what we might have done differently, if we had any control over what we experienced and we can often be way to hard on ourselves.  

Remember life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings, our perception on what we are living creates our living perspective.  Choose to look at what you’ve experienced through kind eyes, be gentle and compassionate with yourself and with others as well.  

See how you are evolving through what you are experiencing.   

If you aren’t where you think you want to be, be the changes you want to make.  

Open yourself up, play with what you want to change, try the change on for size, see how you can sculpt your life. 

Trust yourself,  sense how it feels, sit with it, see where your mind takes you, experience what comes from entertaining your vision. You will get a sense that you are aligning with what you want.  

You will get a sense that this is where your life is evolving into and of what might be your first step may be if you are ready to take it. 

Trust yourself, trust that everything will start to fall into place, you will be in sync with your life and you will find that life starts to flow through the action you take.  

Let your vision evolve too, it is surprising how easily life flows when you believe in yourself.  

This is what the universe wishes for you, to allow yourself to flow with your vision for this New Year and this New Decade, so that you can create a life you are aligned to.  

Embrace where you are today, in this point of creation, and be grateful for all the experiences life has sent your way.  

It is how we perceive what we are experiencing  that shapes our perspective on life and who we are.  

We are evolving.   


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