Perceptions and reality…

Take some time to ponder life, your life, what you have experienced so far, where you are right now, in this journey that is your life.    

As you ponder about your experiences, be grateful for all that your life has shown you, for all you have learnt and see how life has helped you evolve into who you are today.

As you ponder about your experiences you’ll see glimpses of who you are becoming, of where you are going, of where you’d like to be, the destinations you are aiming for, and even how you might get there.     

What you wished for, what brought you joy in the past may very well have changed.   Your values now,  what’s most important to you, may also have changed.  You have evolved through what you have experienced.  Who you were in love with, what you loved about your life, and how you feel about yourself, may have also changed.  You have evolved through your experiences into who you have become.  

 Sometimes we ask ourselves what we might have done differently, if we had any control over what happened and often we can be way to hard on ourselves.  So, be compassionate with yourself, choose to look at what you’ve experienced through kind eyes, be gentle with yourself, and see how you have evolved, see what each experience has shown you, and where it lead you.  Remember life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings your way, and your perception on how you are living, on what is occurring in your life, will create your reality. 

  See how you have grown and changed through what you have experienced, see the changes you’d like to make, see where these changes might lead you.   If you aren’t where you think you want to be, be the changes you want to see.  

Open yourself up to play with what you might do, see how you can sculpt your life, try it on for size and see if it’s a good fit. This is your life, you are a living, breathing part of what you are experiencing.  Each experience is valuable, you are valuable and you have something to contribute in every situation you find yourself experiencing.     

Learn to trust yourself,  see how it feels when you trust yourself, sit with the feeling.  See where your mind takes you, experience what comes, explore what you want to change, be the change you want to see.  Be confident in who you are and you will begin to align your life with the life you really want.    

Learn to trust yourself, see where your life is evolving, where you are heading, and what might be the next step you will take when you are ready to take it. 

Learn to trust yourself, trust that everything will start to fall into place because you are on your path, because you are in sync with life, and you will see that life flows through the action you take, you are a living, breathing part of what you are creating.  

Let your vision evolve too, be confident you can get what you want, be confident in who you are.  You may just surprise yourself and it is surprising how easily life flows when you believe in yourself.  

This is what the universe wishes for you, to allow yourself to flow with the vision you have for your life, so that you can create a life you are aligned to that vision and manifest what you desire most.  

Embrace where you are today, standing infront of the mirror, see the beauty within you.  You are at a point of creation, you are a creative being, and you can create the life you came here to live.   

Embrace who you are today, be grateful for all the experiences life has sent your way because how you perceive what you have experienced will shape your reality.  

Be Inspirational.