Intuitive Mentoring


Intuitive Mentoring is for you if  who want to tap in more frequently and learn to believe in you.

Each session goes for about an hour.


Intuitive Mentoring is a series of intuitive sessions to help guide you to realise your highest potential and empower you to act from a place of trust and belief in yourself.    

This may appeal to you if  you are in transition whether it be a personal transition like a new relationship or a break up, or a new direction like a change career path or relocation. 

You may be re-inventing yourself or you may be launching a new venture and moving into unchartered waters. 

You will learn how to trust yourself and the decisions you make. You will learn how to recognise how you feel when you are connected to your inner guidance, when you are on your divine path.  You will learn how to recognise when your life is flowing through trusting your feelings. 

You will learn how to listen to your intuitive nature. 

Intuitive Mentoring is all about supporting you through growth and change, keeping your tapped in, motivated, and confident.  

You will remember who you are, find your truth, and trust in yourself, while learning to experience each moment as a point of creation and reconnection. 

Offered four weekly.


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