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Recognition, Synchronicity, Liberation

 If we believe every experience is what we have chosen to experience, we can discover why we do what we do. 

This is called recognition.

Though at the times we may not recognise where it is we are going, we can choose to trust that we are heading in the right direction.

We can choose to trust that this is all part of our destiny, part of our path in life. 

We can look for the  evidence in what is occurring in our lives. The signs and signals that are supported by the opportunities exist around us.

This is called synchronicity.  

When we develop a greater sense of self and belief in our our sense of self,  it becomes easier to trust the decisions we are making.

This is called knowing.

Sometimes a decision may look like wrong choice, but as life unfolds we often realise this experience has helped shape who we would become.  These are the enlightening moments when we discover why we did what we did. 

This is called liberation.

Where we find ourselves is exactly where we are meant to be found, this too will lead us on to the next opportunity, the next journey, the next adventure, in what we call life! 

This is called awakening.

Recognise, synchronise, know, liberate and awaken.  


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