Self-indulgence or Self-care…

Rituals exist in most aspects of our lives, and they are often identified as habits.  When we think about habitual behaviours, we may identify them as negative, but not all habits are destructive or unproductive.  Rituals serve a purpose, they can help us stay centred and focused on where we are in life, on what we are evolving into, and where we are journeying to.  

First lets talk about our “bad habits”, if there is something you consider as a “bad habit”, look into that ritual a little more deeply, and consider what it does for you, what it represents in your life.  An example would be that wine you pour while you cook your evening meal, maybe it’s what you do to begin the ritual of cooking, maybe it’s what puts you in the mood to cook.  Of-course if you are drinking the whole bottle every evening, you may want to consider why, and maybe ask yourself if you are in control of that habit.  Alcohol can indeed become a “bad habit”, if over indulged.  Not all “bad habits” are indulging, some are self-care . 

Rituals are the actions you take habitually, like your morning coffee, before you embrace your day, when you miss your coffee, you day may seem out of sync somehow.  I have a morning ritual, being a morning person, I wake naturally, if I am unable to perform my morning ritual because I have somewhere to be, or I’ve overslept, my day seems off somehow.  My morning ritual consists of a cup of tea, or two, and I write while the rest of the house is quiet in those luxurious early hours.  I may write about a dream I had the night before, or I may write about writing or about my aspirations for my work, or I may write about the wonder that exists in my life.  

Am I being self-indulgent in my morning ritual, hell yes!  But it is self-care, it’s when I process what happened the night before, the day before, the week before, the year before, or whenever, whatever rises within me, I acknowledge in that glorious hour, or however long I can indulge myself there.  It’s when I wonder about life in general, it is when I wonder about my life.   I love wondering, that wonderment exists in your life as well, you can be curious about your life, where you are going, what you are doing, and what you are attracting.  

Exercise is a ritual, and you know how exercise feels, the benefits of taking time to exercise, are you being self-indulgent exercising, no, it’s self-care.  Exercise ritual can be habitual and it can be addictive, it can create a hunger, a need, and you may overindulge.  As with everything we do, we need balance.    

You may have a massage ritual, where you indulge in a weekly trip to the salon, you know how you feel after a massage, is this self-indulgence, or is it self-care?  See my point, it’s all about perception, how you perceive the little rituals that exist in your life, why you do them, and what they do for you.  

So take a break, have a cup of tea, and join me in the wonderment of why we do what we do, in the wonderment of why we attract what we attract, and be curious, question, and explore.  Are you being self-indulgent, is there really something wrong with being self-indulgent, or is this self-care.    

I believe in you, you can too.


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