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She Evolved….

She Evolved

Slowly an idea crept into her consciousness, it appeared to be developing like a print in a darkroom develops into a clear photo, becoming more detailed until finally a vision appears. 

She began to see and to feel how this may play out in her life and a pull of desire started to grow within her.  

She played around with the idea, trying it on for size, seeing if she could make it fit into her life, make it work with her life.  

She saw herself doing it, she felt how it feels to be living it, and she decided this is what she’d do. 

She didn’t question if it was possible.  She didn’t question how it could happen.  She just played with it and decided this is what she’d do.  

Then one day, when the planets aligned, or the energy felt right, or the circumstances seemed to fit, she decided to begin and she changed her life.  

She felt empowered, she felt anything was possible, and she evolved with her idea.  

Suddenly life seemed to make way for her idea to take form and the people appeared in her life who could help her get to where she wanted to go.  

Step by step she grew into who she wanted to be, doing what she wanted to do, and surprising herself with how easily life flowed when she believed in herself. 

This is what the universe wishes for you, to allow yourself to flow with your vision so that you can create what you truly desire, because we when we vision we see what’s possible and when the pull of attraction is so great we forget our limitations and bring our vision into being.



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