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Soul Searching…

Desire comes in many forms, we dream, we wish, we aspire to, we actively attract, but sometimes no matter what we do, we don’t quite make it.  Sometimes we do make it, but when we get there, we aren’t fulfilled, satisfied, content, like we thought we would be.  

Why is this?  Our minds will tell us that we didn’t think this through, we didn’t do what it takes, or we did it for the wrong reasons, which of-course could all be true.  But just maybe, your soul didn’t want this for you.  That fulfilment you seek in the realisation of your desire, doesn’t happen unless your soul wants it.  The journey you’ve been on exploring where your desire has lead you, the experience that has brought you to where you are today, has evolved you and you are here now having this epiphany.  Just maybe this journey is what you soul wanted, not the realisation of your desire, the experience of getting here.  

Embracing this shift in awareness, and the soul-searching that follows, adjust.  You will see things differently, have a new perspective about what has been your reality, and find something shifts within you.   

So what is it you want?  What is it you truly desire?  What does your soul want?  And where might you find it?  

I’ll let you in on a secret, it isn’t outside of you, it’s inside you.  No matter what it is you are desiring, whether it be a particular object, like a new car, or a new home, or a style like a new job, or the love of a person,  there is something deeper buried within this desire.  Find what that is and you will be well on your way to recognising what it is your soul is seeking.  

So how do you figure that out?  So lets say it’s a new car, why is that new car so important to you?  How do you think you will feel when you get the car?  It’s not the car that creates that feeling is it, it’s you, just maybe you can create that feeling without the car and you may realise that car isn’t that important after all.  

If it is a person you desire, what does life look like when you are with them, how do you will feel when you are with them, how do you behave?  This is who you are, it’s not because of who they are. This is the life you seek, the person you desire is just the stimulus of that realisation.  

Life is an exploration of desires, but it is not the desire itself we are seeking, it is the journey we experience that rewards us as we actively create new realities within each experience.  

Trust in the way you experience life, and life will support you, trust and believe in what you are experiencing.  Embrace each shift of awareness each experience brings, each shift of consciousness that occurs, as you are evolving through everything you experience.  You can experience so much more, if you allow yourself to explore.  

What your soul wants, makes your soul sing, excites you.  What you soul wants, makes your soul dance, stirs within you.  Recognise where you belong, who you belong with, and what you belong doing.  

I believe in you.  You can too.


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