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Stories we tell ourselves

What story are you telling your self?

The story we tell our self determines what’s transpiring in your life.  

You can support yourself through honouring what you believe about yourself, make your self belief based on your best possible self, your best possible outcome. 

If you are transitioning, make your self talk is kind, so you treat your self kindly and be empathetic to your circumstances.

If you are adjusting to change, make your self talk is full of confidence in what the future holds and trust that this change is the universe telling you there is something more for you. 

Naturally when you are transitioning through change, whether a change is something we have created or a change that has been thrust upon us, there can be a tendency to doubt ourselves. 

Remember how resilient you are, remember to be your best self, and you will find your transition will be less traumatic.  

When we seek validation, or even support from outside of our self, we are at the mercy of others perception of who we are. 

In these times of great change, we can be vulnerable, and our vulnerability may present in a way that we lose sight of our truth, of who we are.

Support yourself, recognise your greatness, and most of all believe in yourself, because you’ve got this.

 Know that when you come through the other side of this, your story will have changed and you will recognise you have changed for the better too.  

Love and honour your processes, they are your processes and unique to you. 

Work on embracing your uniqueness, and remember who you are. 

Change your story.


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