Today may be the day…

Today may be the day you attract what you’ve been wishing for.

Today may be the day you evolve into this new beginning, and your miracle arrives.  

So whatever you’ve been wishing for may be about to happen, are you ready, because today may be the day.  

Be ready everyday, because everyday is a new beginning, everyday you are a new you.  The person you were yesterday, is not who you are today, because you have experienced yesterday, and the experience gained yesterday has evolved you into who you are today.  

You may see things from a different perspective now, you may be more aware of where you are, you may be more aware of who you are, you may know yourself a little more deeply.

Knowing yourself a little more deeply may change what you are wishing for, your intentions may change.  Every change, every evolvement, every movement in your life, is a new incarnation of you, that is empowered by your intentions.  What is it you intend to create?

Know your life is intertwined with meaning and purpose, and as you explore who you are as you evolve, your intentions evolve as well.  Develop a greater sense of trust and belief in who you are, as you gain greater understanding of you and what you are experiencing.  

Know you can trust yourself, know you can trust what your life is showing you, you can trust your flow.  Your life is flowing through you.  You are fluid, you are adaptable, you are resilient and you are magical.  There is magic in you, and you create with your intentions, what is it you intend to create?  

Today there may be a defining moment, a moment in time that defines who you are.  In this defining moment, you may begin to see just how creative you are, and how easily you can create a life full of possibilities and opportunities through your intentions.  What is it you intend to create?  

Today may be the day you experience a fateful occurrence, a divine occurrence, a divine intervention.  You are a divine being, you are connected to all that is, synchronicity exists in your life, and today may be the day you experience being in the right place, at the the perfect time, for a synchronicity to exist.  And with this realisation you connect with the divine design that exists in your life, this life you divinely designed to experience what you are experiencing.  

This is what the universe wants for you, this is what the divine in you wants for you, to trust and believe in you so that you can live your life aligned to your truth, aligned to who you really are, so that you can be you.

I believe in you, you can too.


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