Trust the way you move through life

Believe in you, trust you, trust in what you are motivated to do.

Sometimes we question why we do what we do, especially if we have done something out of character, or from a place of insecurity, uncertainty, or fear.  Our fears and insecurities are a part of us as well as our confidence and they contribute to where we our life takes us just as much as our confidence does.  If we stop fighting them and accept what we are feeling, they cease to wreak havoc in our lives. 

Life is to be lived, to be experienced, it is a journey, journey through each experience.  Just as we all have unique tastes and styles, we all have individual processes, individual ways of being, individual ways of doing.  Trust in your processes, trust you are uniquely individual and the way you move through life is uniquely individual as well.  

 If you have done something you wish you hadn’t, know that it is a part of your journey, otherwise you wouldn’t have done it.  You did it to experience it, that’s why you did it.  Don’t be stuck in the past, stuck in what you did, embrace your journey through your experience because this is your journey of discovery.  Discovery of who you are, where you stand, and what you believe. There are no wrong directions, no wrong choices, no wrong actions.  Each direction, each choice, each action, is all a part of your uniquely individual journey.  

Don’t be afraid to let others see who you are, embrace those you meet along the way as you both share a destiny, that is why your paths have crossed.  Some stay just for a small time, others stay much longer, either way both your lives are enriched by what you experience together.  

Believe in every action you take because it is what you are destined to take, everything you do has a role to play in your journey through life.  Your life is an expression of who you are.  Don’t get lost in circumstances, situations, or relationships.   

Remember what matters to you, remember what you value.  

Remember your value, remember who you are.  

Your consciousness is shifting.

Embrace each shift in consciousness, knowing that you are evolving through what you are experiencing.  

Trust your life’s processes, because your designed them to experience them. 

Trust the way you experience life and life will support you. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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