Trust today’s you…

Trust today’s you, trust where you’ve been…

Sometimes in life you may notice repeat occurrences, you may notice similarities or patterns in what is occurring in your life.  You may feel like you are repeating experiences and you may begin to wonder what is going on and  why you find ourselves back there in that experience. 

You aren’t back there, you are here, here today.  The person you are today, is not the person you were back then.  In this realisation you can make a choice about what action you take, about how you react, and about how you will evolve this experience. 

What you are experiencing today, isn’t what you experienced yesterday.    

What you are experiencing today is a new experience for you to evolve.  It is your past experience that will help you navigate your way through what is occurring now, and create what you want to create.  So if something is re-occurring in your life, what do you want to create or re-create?

   Remember the actions we take, we are meant to take, that’s why we take them.  It’s our process of coming to where we are meant to come to.  It is the experience we gain through what is occurring that evolve us.  And what we have experienced helps us navigate our way through similar experiences.   Our experience helps us recognise what is occurring, even if we are revisiting our past, we are not where we were in the past, we are where we are right now, in this moment, we are not the same as we were back then and what is occurring now, isn’t what occurred back then, we can create a different outcome.  

This is a new experience for you to evolve through.  This is a new process of what you are experiencing, so that you can create a new experience.    

Don’t regret your past, be grateful  for the experience you gained from your past situation, and let it help you navigate where you find yourself today.   

Trust that you have designed this experience and equipped yourself with everything you need to evolve through this, and evolve this experience into a different outcome. Trust whatever life is throwing at you, you have the skills and talents to get you to where you want to be. Trust you have mapped it out this way.

Trust your processes and you will get to where you are going, wherever that may be.  

Participate in your life, do what interest you, follow your desires, and allow your past help you design your future.  

Believe in the life you have lived, believe in the life you are living. 

I believe in you, you can too.



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