Soul Recognition Unconditional love

Unconditional Love…

When you meet someone that stirs something within you, there is a recognition, a resonance, your soul remembers something.  This is a soul memory.  

An imprint is formed, and you wonder how can this person be of such significance when you don’t really know them at all, yet you feel something so pronounced that you can not ignore it.  Something inside you shifts, this encounter has an intensity. The recognition feels so deep, so unshakeable that it stays with you, it almost feel haunting.  Questions arise about what might evolve from the encounter, what is the purpose of being so profoundly moved by their presence? 

Trust and believe in yourself for you have experienced a soul memory, a soul recognition.  This is significant, there is a reason your paths have crossed, a reason you recognise them, this means something.  This is part of your journey, this encounter that stays with you, that shapes your experience, that moves you in directions you may never have contemplated moving in.  This will propel you in that direction.  

Allow yourself to go there, to explore what it is about this is all about, where it takes you and why they have you so intrigued.  Don’t second guess yourself, don’t question why you feel the way you feel, allow yourself to embrace soul recognition.

Allow yourself to fall in love, allow yourself to be loved and you may just find a true love, an unconditional love.  

I believe in you, you can too.


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