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As your story unfolds…

What’s the next chapter in your story? 

What new characters can you introduce?  

As life unfolds, embrace each experience with a sense of wonder, and even the most challenging of times, can bring unexpected delights. 

 When we meet new people, they bring with them their stories, and in sharing their journey our lives become  all the more enchanting.

Don’t be afraid to let people into your life, embrace those you meet along the way, as you both share a destiny when your paths cross.  When your path crosses with another, it is a moment in time where you both share the experience, and you both will grow and evolve through the experience of knowing each other.  They may stay just for a small time or be in your life forever from that moment on.  Either way your life and theirs, can be enriched by the experience of meeting each other.  You both have entered into this experience to explore where it takes you. 

If the time comes where you do part ways, don’t  be afraid to let them go.  Your time together may have will have evolved into what it is meant to evolve to, and the experience of parting ways is also a part of your journey together.   The space that exists when someone leaves our lives is there to be filled by new experiences and new connections where you both have entered into this experience to explore where it takes you.

So as your story unfolds together, embrace what you experience, enjoy to wonder of learning about each other, and know that you have met for a reason.  Whatever the reason, you were destined to meet, and how ever long they stay in your life is how ever long they are destined to stay.  

 Allow yourself to explore and to wonder in the  knowing that your stories will evolve into what you experience together.  You may have separate stories to tell, as you will both have your own unique perception of what is occurring, what has occured and what is still to come.  

Allow yourself to wonder, allow yourself to explore, and allow yourself to love your life and all the unique stories that exist within you.  

I believe in you, you can too.


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