Mysterious Ways

The Universe works in mysterious ways…

This weeks vibe is a little different, a little more personal.

I am in the throes of moving, and I’d like to share this story with you, to illustrate how the universe works. 

I live by my intuition, I feel my way through each decision I come to, I feel my way through each event and each experience I am presented with.  Because I trust what I am sensing, I don’t question what is going on, I wonder.  This wonderment causes me to explore why I am sensing what I am sensing.  

So a few weeks ago I had the feeling I would be moving, relocating soon, it stuck with me, and I started exploring the possibility.   I had just joined the gym my son, goes to, and was figuring out a route to take to walk there.  So I set off one morning, to explore the route, and see if it was going to work for me, as it was quite a distance. The route took me in a neighbourhood I would normally visit, and I liked the vibe.  There was a for lease sign outside a cute cottage.  I paused my walk to consider this, phoned the advertising Real Estate, only to find they had a viewing scheduled that afternoon, a fateful occurrence.  I had a look at the house and like it, I applied and was completely stunned when they didn’t consider my application!  Interestingly enough, I later discovered I had made a mistake on my application.  

What was going on?

So what was this fateful occurrence about?  

I had given a past Real Estate as a reference on that application, and emailed them to let them know they might get a call.   This alerted them to the fact I was looking, and low and behold they called me the following week with a property they thought might be perfect for me. Not only is it an incredibly competitive here on the Gold Coast, but private viewings are totally out of the question.  They gave me a private viewing within an hour of that phone call.  The next morning they called and offered me the property, my application was approved by the owner.  So within the space of a day, everything changed, I am continuously amazed and completely in awe how the universe has my back.  

I get to stay in my neighbourhood, which I love, rentals here are quite rare.  It’s just 5mins down the road, so the move will be incredibly easy.  It has an office at the front, perfect for a Reading Room, so I can start giving Readings in person again.  Woohooo!   

So when it doesn’t work out the way you think you want it to, know that it will work out better, all you need do is trust yourself and believe the universe has your back, because sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.   

I am moving this week, and I’m full of wonder how this new home will evolve me, how my writing will evolve, how my YouTube will evolve, how my personal Readings will evolve.  I am in a state of wonderment.  Watch this space.  

I believe in you, you can too!


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