What if…

What it if doesn’t evolve, oh but what if it does!!  Either way, you can trust this experience will evolve you.  

So you have a new desire, a new adventure, a new beginning, and you were just about to dive into it, when in creeps a disturbing little self-doubt, and your confidence seems to slip away, you begin to question what are doing.

What are you going to do, are you going to stop, are you going to play it safe and stay put where you are, because it’s predictable, it’s what you know.  This is where you are comfortable, what you are comfortable with, right?  

Obviously not, because you were about to launch yourself into the unpredictable uncertainty that exists when you take a leap of faith and invest in your desires.   You are investing in you, you are backing you, you are betting on your abilities to see this through, bring your desire into being.  

So, what to do about that disturbing little self-doubt that’s upsetting your applecart.  How do you know you can do this, well, how do you know you can’t?  That’s why it’s a leap of faith, and what you are putting  all your faith in, is you.  Do you trust yourself?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you do this?  Are you prepared, are you ready, how do you know?  

This is something you desire, right?  This is something you can see yourself doing, this is something you feel drawn to try, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering it at all.  So, how are you going to create the confidence to continue where you are heading, how are you going to muster the courage to take this leap of faith.

You are going to believe in you.  You are going to trust your desires. You are going to be motivated by your intentions, and you are going to be successful in your endeavours.

You are going to remind yourself every day that you have got this, that you are incredible, that you can do this. 

You are going to remind yourself everyday that you believe in your abilities, that you are gifted, that you have what it takes.  

You are going to remind yourself everyday that you are unique, and what you desire, is as unique as well, because it comes from you, it’s part of you.  

You are going to remind yourself everyday that you are empowered by what you are creating, and this new empowered you is empowering your creation into being.

This is your creation, you are creating it, just like you created that disturbing little self-doubt that crept up on you, and stopped you in your tracks.  Replace it with belief, belief in you.

What you desire is your intention, and your intention is your motivation, and your motivation will create thoughts that evolve into action.  How you feel about the action you are taking, will create what comes into being.  Believe in your talents, in your abilities, in your capabilities, and know that this desire is just the beginning, where it takes you is an adventure waiting to happen. 

Will this desire evolve into being, is simply a matter of belief.  

Either way, it will evolve you. 

I believe in you, you can too.


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