What's your story about

What’s your story…

What’s your story?  

Where are you right now, could you be seeing potentials, opportunities, stories yet to be told.  

What’s your story? 

This is your story, it’s about you.  Whatever is transpiring in your life right now, is only about you, it’s not about others, it’s not about circumstances, it’s not about landscapes, or possible outcomes, it’s about you and your perspective. 

When we are happy with where we are at, with the way our life is heading, we see life differently, we are more compassionate with others, we see possibilities and opportunities, and we feel divinely connected to the story we are constructing. 

When we are discontent, we see faults in others, we are not optimistic about possibilities, and we feel disconnected from the life we are living. 

The story we tell ourselves determines how we transition through the circumstances we are presented with, how we live our life.  

If you are transitioning, make your self talk kind, treat yourself kindly, and be empathetic to your circumstances.  You find yourself in these circumstances because this is something you have chosen to experience.  

If you are adjusting to change, make your self talk full of confidence in what the future holds and trust you know what you are doing.  The universe has presented this change because you have wished for something more.  

Remember how resilient you are.  Remember you are not your past, you have grown and evolved from what you have experienced thus far, and it has lead you to who you are today, you are now exactly who you need to be.  

If you seek validation about where you find yourself, don’t be at the mercy of others, trust yourself, trust your perception, trust what you believe.  Support and recognise your greatness, and most of all believe in yourself, because you’ve got this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.  

Life is about living, living and experience what life brings, because that’s what you came here to do, to live, to experience, what life throws at you, and to evolve through the experience of living through what is occurring.  You have chosen to experience this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.  

Love and honour your evolution, embrace your the uniqueness of your journey, for your experience is your experience, and your perspective determines what your story is.  

You are on your way to greatness.

I believe in you, you can too.  


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