Where you go

Which path will you take…

Crossroads, the moments in life when you are at a turning point, the moments in life where you sense the winds of change are blowing, or change has been thrust upon you.  What can you do, which path will you take, and where will it take you?  

Each decision you make has an impact, it triggers a series of events that will determine what occurs next.  Sometimes what appears to be a small adjustment, a small change of direction evolves into something much bigger, some crossroads make bigger turns than others.  

When you find yourself at a crossroad, explore what this is about for you, the crossroad is giving you the opportunity to embrace change, to shift directions, to alter your course.  Which path will you take and where will it take you?

The urge to alter something, the urge to create something, the urge to question where you are at, will all rise within you.  You will notice what you are attracted to, what calls to you.  You will notice what sits you, what you want to keep in your life.  You will notice what no longer sits with you, what you want to move away from.  You will notice what you are content with and what would you would  like to change.  Which path will you take and where will it take you?  

When you find yourself at a crossroad, embrace the opportunity this gives you, remind yourself what is important to you, what really matters.  Remind yourself that you are of value, that there is only one you, you are unique and you are perfect in who you are.  You have gifts, you have abilities, you have strengths, and you are resilient.  Open up to possibilities that exist around you, see the potentials in you, and what you can do.   

Which path you take, where it may take you, it is up to you.  Explore what your life can be, explore where you want it to be, explore what is important to you.  You may find you have more options than you realise, you may find even more possibilities exist.  All you have to do is decide which path you want to take, and where you’d like it to take you.  And if you still can’t make your mind up, decide to do it all.      

Each decision you make is the right decision to make, because that is why you make it.  Explore each potential, consider what is unfolding, question what you are experiencing.  Be curious about your what you are presented with, find meaning in what is occurring, and know that this is leading you somewhere.  Where it takes you, how you find the experience, is up to you.  Embrace this turning point, follow what you are attracted to, where your attracted leads you and do what is right for you.  

You are unique, you do you because only you can be you, and this is your life, a living expression of you, and only you can live it.  So here in this crossroad, you have choices, what will you choose?  

Choose to embrace who you are.  

Choose to trust yourself.  

Choose to believe in you and what is achievable.  

Choose to be you.

Be inspirational.