You are free to be you…

Are you expressing yourself authentically?  

Are you consciously creating the life you are destined to live, a life aligned to who you really are, what you know about yourself, are you being true to you?    

Or are you reacting to each situation you find yourself in, and adapting to fit in to each experience rather than believing you have something to contribute to each experience.  

Being authentically you requires you to know truly know yourself and know your worth, because you are experiencing each situation to evolve through that experience.  

Tell your own story, consciously contribute to each situation and actively create a life aligned to who you really are.  

Each time you consciously contribute to and evolve through what you are experiencing, empowers you to trust and believe in yourself.  You are of value and your contribution is of value.

Get to know yourself, so that you can actively create a life that is aligned to who you are, aligned to what you believe about yourself, aligned to your best potential.  

Notice your inner thoughts, they will help you find your expression.  

Listen to the words you use, to how you are expressing yourself, listen to the way you speak.  How you speak is a reflection of what you are feeling about yourself, you may be surprised about what you hear yourself saying.    

Notice the actions you take, are your actions authentically align with who you are and what you believe.  

Notice the way you move, the position of your body, your movement will tell you what you are holding in your being.  Hold space for yourself, be aware of the way you move through each situation.

Notice the way others are responding to you, what you perceive in others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Remember to be kind to yourself, remember to be compassionate with yourself.  

Know that you have something great to contribute to each situation.  Be grateful for the experience of each situation and the awareness you gain from the experience.  

Take notice of how you are. 

Are you kind to yourself and are you kind to others?  Are you happy with yourself, are you happy with others?  Embrace how you are evolving.

Get to know and trust yourself, and you will find you acceptance, acknowledgement and be valued for who you are.   

Be you and  belong where you find yourself. 

I believe in you, you can too.  


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