Your Life Will Align

Foundations of Your Truth…

What are the foundations of your truth, what are the beliefs you rely on to stay confident in who you are? 

What stays constant in your life, what do you rely on to stay confident as you move through your life, what are foundations of your truth?

Your truth is who you are, what’s in your core, what you value, what believe about yourself.  Remembering who you are will help define what do you want to evolve, what you want to continue to grow, in your life and what you can release, that which is no longer aligned to the life you are creating.  

You are creating your life, and you are in a continuous cycle of re-invention.  Life is a cycle of continuous change, change you have come to experience and evolve through at this time.  Knowing what you are made of, remembering who you are, what you value, what you believe about yourself will help you navigate your way through this experience that is your life.  

There is a map you can follow, it is within you, and when something doesn’t sit with you, there is a reason you are not comfortable with what is occurring.  What is occurring may not be aligned to who you are.  Remembering who you are, what you value, what you believe about yourself, will help you realign what is out of alignment in your life.

When you are conflicted about something, it is an awareness that rises within you, you are becoming aware of what is evolving within you, something that is requiring you to change or make changes in your life.  Your inner being is reminding you of who you are, what you value, and what you believe about yourself.  This conflicted awareness asks you to pay attention to where you are, and asks you if what you are experiencing is aligned to your truth.  You may be about to restructure, redefine, reconfigure something in your life, as you are evolving into who you are becoming, so think about where are you evolving to.  

Remembering who you are, honouring what you value, what you believe about yourself, you will help ride these waves of change and help you evolve into the next expression of your truth.  You are in a constant cycle of continuous change, you are consistently re-inventing your expression of life through everything you experience, this is what it is to be alive.  In your life you are adaptable, you are innovative, and you are inspiring.  Be inspired by you, be inspired by your past, be inspired by what is evolving within you, be inspired by who you are.  

Follow your inner map, where it is leading you, this is what you have come here to experience in this living experience.  What is happening now and where you find yourself is exactly where you are meant to be, as it is showing you where to you are evolving to.  Where are you evolving to?

Remember who you are, listen to yourself, trust yourself, be your truth, and your life will align with your truth.   

I believe in you, you can to. 


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